Pavlova Parfait

Pavlova Parfait

Festive and functional this parfait is the perfect summer indulgence to help you feel your best. 


🌈  1 level tbsp Moodi Functional Protein (we love Vanilla Pavlova)

🥣   1/2 cup yoghurt of choice (the thicker the better)

🍓  1/2 cup chopped fresh fruit of choice

🥜  1/4 cup granola or muesli 


👩‍🍳  Mix yoghurt and Functional Protein until combined. Slice fruit. 

✨  Create layers in a glass with chopped fresh fruit, granola, yoghurt protein blend and any other garnishes you like.  


⏰  5 mins prep

🥄  1 serving

🌱  VG

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