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Kate Gatfield-Jeffries, Co-Founder of Moodi Blends

Our story

We all know the importance of mental well-being. Wouldn’t it be great to feel less stressed and overwhelmed, more energised, and sleep better?

But let's be real - life can get busy. Taking a one-hour yoga class or meditating every day may seem impossible.

Like many of you, I was searching for something that could easily fit into my routine to support my mental wellness.

I turned to supplements, but to be honest, I didn’t love taking a boring lineup of capsules. And to make matters worse, I often found they simply didn't work.

That's when I decided to team up with experts to create Moodi - science-backed functional blends that not only give you amazing results but also become an enjoyable daily ritual.

With Moodi, you don't have to sacrifice fun for function.

I’m so excited for you start this journey of prioritising your mental well-being to feel your best.

Kate, Co-Founder

Our planet

We’re committing to a cleaner planet and know the impact our choices at Moodi can have on the environment. Here’s how we’re working towards reducing our footprint and supporting a more sustainable future.

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🥤 Products

We believe in the power of prioritising plant-based! We source 100% vegan ingredients to minimise the environmental impact of animal product use.

📦 Packaging

We've researched the latest innovations and partnered with industry groups like Soft Plastics NZ to develop fit-for-purpose packaging with the lowest overall carbon footprint. Read more on this analysis here.

The soft plastic protein pouches are recyclable and designed to minimise emissions during production, transportation, and product use, while protecting and preserving our blends to reduce food waste.

Our tubs are made from 100% I'm Green™ Sugarcane Plastic in New Zealand. This renewable byproduct of the sugarcane industry has a climate-positive carbon footprint.

Moodi pouches are recyclable at collection centres across New Zealand through the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme and the REDcycle programme in Australia. The tubs can be recycled where #2 HDPE is accepted, and lids where #5 Polypropylene is accepted.

Our people

At Moodi, we're passionate about operating our business fairly and equitably to positively impact society. Here's how we strive to make a difference in the communities we serve and source from.

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🛠 Sourcing & manufacturing

We aim to have clear visibility over our supply chain and manufacturing. Direct trade helps local growers get reliable incomes and good working conditions, which often benefit local communities. Read our ashwagandha supplier spotlight here.

Our blends are manufactured locally in New Zealand at a facility compliant with employment protection laws and health and safety regulations.

⚖️ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture within our team and the wider Moodi community.

We are using our marketing channels to build an inclusive dialogue around mental well-being, breaking free from harmful narratives perpetuated by the supplement industry.

Our Co-Founder, Kate, serves on the Advisory Board of a university women's group and volunteers to champion other women in business and law. She is actively involved in advocating for diversity and inclusion in social media marketing and has presented at international conferences on this topic.

We welcome your feedback as we strive to continuously improve our practices.