Tiramisu Oats - Moodi

Tiramisu Oats

Supercharge your morning with this indulgent and energising breakfast reminiscent of your favourite Tiramisu dessert. 


🌈  1-2 level tbsp Moodi Chocolate Fudge Functional Protein

🥞  1/2 cup rolled oats or quick oats

🥛  2/3 cup milk of choice

☕️  1 tsp instant coffee or espresso powder

🍨  1/4 cup yoghurt of choice 

🌰  Cocoa powder for the top


👩‍🍳  Combine all ingredients except cocoa and yogurt in an airtight container.

❄️  Refrigerate for 60 min (or leave overnight for best results)

✨  Smooth the yoghurt on top (or create layers if you're feeling fancy), then dust it with cocoa powder. 


⏰  5 mins prep

⏳  60 mins rest

🥄  1 servings

🌱  VG

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